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Pledge class 2014, Grad class 2017

Shortly after pledging in 2014, I was hanging out on the hall when Noah Shearer went into his room. Joe Neff decided it was time to prank Noah and got a rope from his room…while enlisting the help of 3-4 others on the hall, including me, at the time. ¬†We then proceeded to slam his door shut and hold it closed while tying the rope around the door handle. After we successfully tied the door handle up, we tied it to the door across the hall so we wouldn’t have to hold the rope anymore.

Noah’s freaking out this whole time, but obviously can’t make the door budge. He starts yelling at us that he’s hungry and to let him out. We decide to give him some food because we’re kind and know that Noah is always hungry. So we rigged up a coat hanger with some string and from the RA’s room swung the coat hanger over to his room with a banana attached. Noah grabbed it and ate it quickly. Then Stephen tried to do the same with a poptart, which proceeded to fall because it couldn’t stay on the coat hanger (obviously).

Around this time, Noah’s looking out the window, and the poptart falls, and Noah sees Ben Meekin (the RD) walking outside towards Hicks. Noah frantically calls his name, telling him that he’s been locked in his room and he needs help to get out.

As we hear him yelling to Ben, we decide to take the rope off so there’s no evidence. After the rope is off we all go into the RA’s room to see what’s going on outside. We proceed to see Ben wave at Noah and completely ignore him while continuing on his walk to Hicks.

Noah stayed in his room for another 20-30 minutes thinking he was locked in. The RD completely ignored him trying to get help and we (successfully?) set up a contraption to pass food between locked dorm rooms.