The Adelphikos Fraternity was founded by members of two debate clubs in the fall of 1913. The Webster’s Debating club and Shakespeare Debating club were bitter rivals on campus. Eight of the Webster men asked two of the Shakespeare men to join them in a fraternity in an effort to dispense with the rivalry that had formed between the two groups and to provide fellowship between similarly-minded men.

As time went on, the fraternity along with the other Greek organizations on campus experienced some rough patches in its life, especially in the latter half of the 20th century. This culminated in the Fraternity losing its charter in the early nineties. In 2000 the fraternity was re-founded as a Christian brotherhood, focused on building up its members as brothers in Christ. While the majority of the re-founding members were football players, this central tenant of Christian brotherhood quickly brought diversity to the fraternity. As it has often done in the past, the Adelphikos soon began attracting members from many different majors and interests across campus.

We have been making an intentional effort to connect with our alumni, and we are always thrilled to hear from or talk to them. It is important to understand that we recognize we would not be who we are now if not for those who came before us. Our desire is to preserve as much history of the Fraternity as possible, and this means that we will always be ready to learn from those who went before us.