About us

“The purpose of [the αδελφικος Fraternity] shall be to provide Christian brotherhood and ministry opportunities and to promote unity between the Greek and independent communities on campus through outreach, social activities, and a Christ-centered lifestyle. The αδελφικος Fraternity will seek to uphold and advance the mission of Grove City College by holding Christian principles as the primary source of truth and guidance in the daily lives of its brothers and the fraternity as a whole.”


Since its founding in 1913, the αδελφικος fraternity has been constantly evolving and adapting. Yet through the years we have always been able to maintain several consistent themes: strong individuality in its members, commitment to passing on legacy and tradition to each new generation of members, and enduring Christian brotherhood for all of our brothers. The αδελς of today continue to display steadfast devotion to these themes. As an alumnus once said, the αδελς were once known as “the odds” because the group had no defining stereotypical characteristics other than their commitment to Christian brotherhood.


To this day we continue that tradition by placing a high priority on attracting men with many diverse talents and interests. It is impossible to label us as “the athletes” or “the intellectuals”, but instead we are simply a group of brothers that are committed to one another.


We are proud of the multitude of campus organizations that the men of our brotherhood represent along with our strong and healthy involvement in Greek life on campus. The diversity of the group highlights the fact that we are not a group that feels the need to fulfill any stereotype, but instead we simply feel called to love and support one another through our mutual bond in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Both our group and our members are reinforced by that common thread of faith that gives us a foundation on which to interact not only with each other but also with the world at large. This is our mission, and this is the legacy we seek to leave on this campus.

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