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The Adelphikos of 2014

I present the Adelphikos of 2014 at the end of pledge week. Congratulations to our new 16 new actives: Sam Kibler, Jake Sziraky, Josh Seyler, Tim Gidenko, Brendan McCreath, Casey Latario, Matthew Brackbill, Zachary Nafziger, Jason Dillon, Jake Schumaker, Stephen Seung Kwon Kim, Ben Che, Joshua Fried, Andrew Brackbill, Matt Hoekstra, and Natthan Pittman.

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Pledge vs Active Football Game 2014

The pledge week tradition lives on with Pledge – Active Football. As usual this year’s pledge class put up a great effort, but could not match the prowess and skill of the actives. Enjoy the pictures below.